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5/19/2018 duathlon race

Clumber Park Duathlon - Now Let The Triathlon Season Commence

As I sit and enjoy breakfast at the border viewpoint, looking over the countryside divide between the ancient civilisation settlements of Edinburgh in Bonnie Scotland and Newcastle in Northern England, once the sites of many a battle between the two kingdoms, I can’t help but take in the breathtaking views on a sunny day like today and reflect on the last couple of weeks leading up to the race last weekend.
5/9/2018 10in10 Running Marathon

Nearly Day One - Meh...

A brief catch up on the eve, eve, eve of day number 1 So the questions I get asked the most when discussing he 10in10 are regarding training. Have I done enough, have I done any!? How has it gone. So here it is – honest answer. ‘I have not done as much as I should have’ Which for those who know me, know it is the story of my life. I never train properly – I am so much more of a rock up and do it kind of girl. And although I have trained more for the 10in10 than I have for usual marathons, in my mind it isn’t anywhere near as much as it should have been. But hey ho, nothing I can do about it now! I have to trust in what little I have done, and hope that I stay injury free. I have never been a fast runner and like to get my monies worth from events! So I take my time and enjoy them. All I can say is that it’s a good job I like my own company, and also apologise to Aly who will be the last out everyday until the last runner comes in – I am sorry Aly, you’ll get back for tea I promise!
4/29/2018 Marathon running

London Marathon

As race day approached talk of the marathon turned to talk of the weather with record highs predicted for race day. A stark contrast to my training during the coldest and wettest winter in a few years.

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