COVID Information

COVID Information


It's been an unprecedented and difficult time for everyone everywhere in recent months and nothing is quite fully normal yet but things are definitely starting to move in the right direction. We are now in a position to be able to issue some guidelines that are hoped will set the club moving towards a more normal level of participation.

BTF have issued their guidelines for coached and club sessions which you can find here.

What does this mean for Coalfields

Coalfields have a responsibility to protect our members and local community and as such have introduced some club level restrictions to help us do this.


For the foreseeable future we can only allow members to attend our swimming sessions. We are still accepting new members and anyone wishing to join can find information on how to do so here. This helps us track and trace our members and issue advice around self-isolation if there was to be a member of the club diagnosed with COVID-19.

Also, our swimming sessions will be non-coached. This is due to British Triathlons guidance onĀ coaching and bubbles - we don't have the resources to stay within the guidelines for coached sessions currently.

Other Club Activities

All other club activities will also remain un-coached and social for the foreseeable future. We will be asking our members to record attendance of any activities arranged between members so that we can help with track and trace.

COVID Officer

The club has appointed Clare Atkinson as the Coalfields COVID-19 Officer (CO).

Many Thanks, The Coalfields Committee