Sunday morning bike rides usually commence around the Spring time, leaving from Herrington Country Park. These rides are not coached, but can be tailored for needs, depending on what the majority of members need from their training. They are team rides, and no one will be left behind, as the slowest member sets the pace.
During winter months, we often have shorter rides going out from various locations.


COVID Note: Due to the current COVID situation our swim sessions are non-coached. We can also only accept Coalfields members at our swim sessions for the time being. If you would like to become a member please visit the membership page. You can also go to the Coalfields COVID page for more information.

Swim sessions are held at Washington Leisure Centre, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s  20:00 - 21:00
Please note: Although we welcome beginners into multi sport, we request as a prerequisite that you can swim at least a few lengths front crawl before attending our swim sessions.
These sessions are written by our head coach, and are always delivered by one of our qualified coaching staff.

Swimming sessions cost £4.50

Outside of these coached swim sessions, you will regularly find members swimming at a pool across the region over the weekend, and they are always welcoming to anyone joining them in their personal swim sessions. These can vary in times and locations, and are discussed on our club band channel prior to commencing.
During the racing season, and weather permitting, we can usually be found doing open water sessions in the North Sea, off Seaburn beach, swimming in-between the flags and in sight of lifeguards.

During the winter months, there is usually a Saturday morning trail run around Herrington Country Park and the surrounding areas, starting at 9am and lasting about 90 minutes. These are team runs, and although not coached, they can be tailored to needs, and no member will ever be left behind or on their own at any point.
You will often find members using Penshaw Monument as their training hill mid week, and we are always open for anyone to join us. (Head torches recommended during the dark nights!)
Look out for various midweek speed sessions once the tri season is in full swing.