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7/11/2018 triathlon isoman


When I did my first triathlon, almost 4 years ago to the day, little did I know that I would have done an IM distance within 3 years and then taken on my biggest challenge to date of an Isoman triathlon the next year. Isoman's tagline is 'triathlon equalised' and this appealed to me, not because I am any great shakes at the three disciplines, but because I am not!
7/9/2018 triathlon

Chasing The Visor!

Before I get into the race, it was touch and go whether I'd even make the start line. Having a new baby in the house and Tri training is not the easiest juggling act! This heat wave is playing havoc with the little one and last night was awful. Not much sleep had by any! At 6:30 I made my way beating registration by 10mins after finally parking in the cow field! The swim looked calm but you could tell the current was pushing. The field had about 100 on list but I can only see 68 finishers at present. Came out 14th in the water. Apparently Gav was there shouting abuse but I was focused on my goal and had my ear plugs in! Sorry Gav. Transition was pretty smooth if not lightening fast and we were off on the bike. Two laps and it was sad to see some of the sprint racers struggling. A tough first Tri for several I'm sure. An encounter with a horse brought Windsor Tri events back to light and I lost my chase person for a few minutes. Kiln pit hill took no prisoners and again saw novices pushing their bikes. Sweeping roads along the A68 were much appreciated ! Second time round a pheasant tried to take me out! T2 came just at the right time as i was slightly under for drinks! Slipped into my cheetah pace (for cheetah read sloth). Plenty of ups and downs before we hit the path to the dam. 5km came and I felt good. 6-7 and I could start to feel the tiredness and each little ascent took its toll. The course wasn't out and back so at 7-8 the road really kicked up before finally bringing us back to the main road for a few more ups and downs. A sprint down the hill to the club house and over the line. Hardest event I've done but really happy. Ankle held up on the run and the cloud cover was most welcome even if the flys didn't get the message. I'm sure many of you would like the challenge of this course! Swim 27:50 Bike 1:24 Run 1:02 2hrs 58mins and 15 seconds. Good enough for a visor Garry Walker ?

Fighting The Fight And Fighting The Demons - A Midseason Break!

It’s been a busy fortnight since the last post and the arrival of the new Raceskin Race kit, but last weekend it got its first outing near the south coast in the Leeds Castle Standard distance Triathlon.

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